We have being doing business since the past 20 years, mainly in the pet food and feed industries. Providing valued services, products, business development and unique sales strategies.
Our  proximity to our clients lead us to expand our business areas, providing the services to improve their projects.
We offer a wide range of services, which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization, from innovative solutions, whether helping creating a new product , reformulating an existing one or work on the business and sales strategy.

Our Vision

To become a recognized world class consultancy company, providing advice, training and support to our clients, improving their businessess.

Our Mission

Provide value-added services to support our clients, creating value to their organization and products, enhancing their market presence.

Our Team

Our team has the expertise and the experience in using some of the most impactful frameworks and tools available to a business today. From a variety of industries, driven by results, our professionals work through analysis and recommendations, backed up by market research to implement a business development process which creates a winning business formula.

Our consultants come from different areas of expertise allowing us to deliver a congruent strategy, covering areas such as Design, Marketing, Management, Internationalization, Sales and Procurement.